Password Recovery Not Working On IIS

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I'm a newbie (please be gentle).

I've just installed MT 4.3 Pro on Windows using MySql. I'm runngin through doing tests and found that the password recovery feature fails with, "Error sending mail (You do not have a valid path to sendmail on your machine. Perhaps you should try using SMTP? ); please fix the problem, then try again to recover your password. " Any ideas on how to go about fixing this? I'm a .net devloper and don't have much experience with perl.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Reported on Movable Type 4.3

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  • In your mt-config.cgi you need to add the MailTransfer directive. See for info.

  • scottodonnell1974

    Thanks for the quick response. I tried the following:

    MailTransfer smtp SMTPServer <MyServer>.<MyDomain>.com:25
    MailTransfer smtp <MyServer> <MyServer>.<MyDomain>.com:25

    Each configuration returns the following msg

    Error sending mail (Unknown MailTransfer method...).

    I did a search for all files with the word mail in them and look in each. I don't see anything that would indicate that the files I found are used by the mail procedure. Do you know what file(s) is(are) used to send mail out and how to resolve it?

    I'm sure these are easy problems to resolve I just don't have the experience troubleshooting perl...yet! :)

  • The first one should be correct.

    The issue may be authentication with the SMTP server rather than perl.

    Is the SMTP server local or remote?
    Does the SMTP server require users to be authenticated?

  • scottodonnell1974

    The smtp server is remtote. No authentication is required. I have .net apps on other servers that are able to send mail. All of the services that run these apps are local (no domain) accounts so the mail server does not trust these accounts (implying authentication is not required).

  • I'm having the same issue - except server is localhost and no authentication is required. Can anyone provide me with some direction on getting the sendmail working on iis7?


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