502 - Web server received an invalid response ...

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- Windows 2008 Server Enterprise Edition (64-bit)
- IIS 7
- ActiveState ActivePerl - (32-bit)
- MySQL Server - 5.1.32
- MovableType 4.24-en
- http://www.abruzere.com/mt/mt-check.cgi

So, I finally got my DBD-mysql service installed and everything is working per the instructions, but now when I go to my site, I can't configure anything or access some of the cgi files to complete the MT installation.

If I go to my MT page and click on the [Log in to Movable Type] button or access any other .cgi files, I get this.

502 - Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server.
There is a problem with the page you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. When the Web server (while acting as a gateway or proxy) contacted the upstream content server, it received an invalid response from the content server.

Also, I read that the initial configuration is what creates the "mt-config.cgi" file, but I had to manually add it from the "mt-config.cgi-original" file.

Any help?


Reported on Movable Type 4.2

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  • Alright, I found out part of my problem after searching through yet another forum...

    So, I didn't realize that IIS7 didn't have my Current working Directory the same as my MT home directory... so, I had to create a virtual directory and point it to the physical path to my MT installation files.


    I still couldn't get the mt.cgi file to work and realized that the instructions on MT's website are not working for me. It never states to actually copy the "mt-config.cgi-original" file and make a "mt-config.cgi" which is what I ended up having to do to get the mt.cgi file to work to initialize my first Blog.

    So, now, I am to the point where I've logged on to MT and created my default Administrator account.

    Then, I tried to create my first Weblog... and I'm stuck at the "mt-upgrade.cgi" step which reads...

    Initializing database...
    Starting Installation...

    Bottom of the page reports errors.

    Any advice?


  • JavaScript errors?

    If so check your mt-static directory is correct in mt-config.cgi, that it has been uploaded correct and is accessible.

    Normally on a clean install if mt-config.cgi is missing it will take you through a wizard to create it.

  • Thanks Rob! Ok, so I got a different screen for the "Intializing Database..." page.
    Upgrading table for MT::Entry::Meta records...

    Error during installation: failed to execute statement CREATE INDEX mt_entry_meta_type_vint ON mt_entry_meta (entry_meta_type,entry_meta_vinteger_idx): INDEX command denied to user 'mt_user'@'localhost' for table 'mt_entry_meta' at lib/MT/Upgrade.pm line 2587.


    So, it appears as though my mt_user needs INDEX permissions, but the Windows Instructions didn't mention anything about that... going to try that next.

    Any further advice? I don't want to go make too many changes without knowing why I'm doing it. Did I miss something?

    I verified that the mt_user has privileges to perform these tasks in the "Schema Privileges"


    It also appears as thought there are tables being created in the database, so something is happening.


  • So, I gave mt_user the INDEX Assigned Privilege in MySQL and the installation appears to have completed!

    I certainly don't like to critique too much, but why was this not in the installation documentation? Oversight I'm sure? Also would have been helpful to have a documented manual step-by-step for configuring the mt-config.cgi file if it doesn't work during the initial installation.

    In any event... for now, I appear to be up and running! Looks like I have a couple small folder permissions to update in my mt-static folder for "support" and "support/uploads" folders?

    Thanks Rob!

    I hope this thread helps others that needed help.

    FYI, for those reading, I ended up just using 4.25 that was just released instead of 4.24.


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