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I'd like to be able to provide an RSS feed of the comments for each entry published on my blog. Any ideas on how to pull that off?

I'm running MT 4.23.


Reported on Movable Type 4.2

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  • Yeah. Just create a new entry listing archive based around an RSS template.

  • Cool, thanks. Any examples or walk-throughs you can point me to?

  • I only ask because everything Google returns on the topic is pretty old.

  • That would probably be because nothing's really changed about how to do it. If you're feeling paranoid, paste a link or two here, but it's most likely that you can just use whatever you've found, though if they provided a template, I'd base it off a more recent feed template instead.

  • Clifton -

    I'm trying to do the same thing as you, provide an RSS feed for comments on each entry. Did you find a way to do this?

    Any help is appreciated.



  • Hi Andrew,

    I was able to build the RSS Comments template, but I never figured out how to incorporate it into an Entry page so that it creates the appropriate RSS feed link for each Entry.

    Here's the template code:

     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="<$MTPublishCharset$>"?>
    <feed xmlns="" 
      <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="<$MTArchiveLink encode_xml="1"$>" />
      <link rel="self" type="application/atom+xml" href="<$MTBlogURL$>atom.xml" />
      <id>tag:<$MTBlogHost exclude_port="1" encode_xml="1"$>,<$MTDate format="%Y"$>:<$MTBlogRelativeURL encode_xml="1"$>/<$MTBlogID$>/<$MTEntryAtomID$>-</id>
      <updated><MTComments lastn="1"><$MTDate utc="1" format="%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ"$></MTComments></updated>
      <title>Comments for <$MTArchiveTitle remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></title>
      <MTIfNonEmpty tag="MTBlogDescription"><subtitle><$MTBlogDescription remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></subtitle></MTIfNonEmpty>
      <generator uri="">Movable Type <$MTVersion$></generator>
        <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="<$MTEntryPermalink encode_xml="1"$>" />
        <link rel="service.edit" type="application/atom+xml" href="<$MTCGIPath$><$MTAtomScript$>/weblog/blog_id=<$MTBlogID$>/entry_id=<$MTEntryID$>" title="<$MTEntryTitle encode_html="1"$>" />
        <published><$MTEntryDate utc="1" format="%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ"$></published>
        <updated><$MTEntryModifiedDate utc="1" format="%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ"$></updated>
        <title><$MTEntryTitle remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></title>
        <summary><$MTEntryExcerpt remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></summary>
          <name><$MTEntryAuthorDisplayName encode_xml="1"$></name>
          <MTIfNonEmpty tag="MTEntryAuthorURL"><uri><$MTEntryAuthorURL encode_xml="1"$></uri></MTIfNonEmpty>
        <category term="<$MTCategoryLabel encode_xml="1"$>" />
        <content type="html" xml:lang="<$MTBlogLanguage ietf="1"$>" xml:base="<$MTBlogURL encode_xml="1"$>">
          <$MTEntryBody encode_xml="1"$>
          <$MTEntryMore encode_xml="1"$>
        <thr:in-reply-to ref="<$MTEntryAtomID$>" type="text/html" href="<$MTEntryPermalink encode_xml="1"$>"/>
        <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="<$MTEntryPermalink encode_xml="1"$>#c<$MTCommentID$>" />
        <title>Comment from <$MTCommentAuthor encode_xml="1"$> on <$MTCommentDate format="%Y-%m-%d"$></title>
            <name><$MTCommentAuthor encode_xml="1"$></name>
            <uri><$MTCommentURL encode_xml="1"$></uri>
        <content type="html" xml:lang="<$MTBlogLanguage ietf="1"$>" xml:base="<$MTCommentURL encode_xml="1"$>">
            <$MTCommentBody encode_xml="1"$>
        <published><$MTCommentDate utc="1" format="%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ"$></published>

  • you can find detailed info here:

    but in the end, edit the HTML Head template, not the Header template (which should be non-existant if you have the latest templates version). you can also insert the same link ($mt:FileTemplate format=%C/%F-comments.xml - if you followed that instructions) at the end of the Comments template so readers can find it easier.

  • I found this documentation, but I am still not sure what I am doing. For example, it says that I am to create comments.xml with the code that they provide. Do I save it as a Custom Index Template? Do I have to link it to a file? What kind of publishing?

  • Actually, I tried publishing statically as a custom index template, and received this error:

    "Publish error: Publish error in template 'Comments Feed': Error in <mtTemplateCreatedOn> tag: You used an MTTemplateCreatedOn tag without a date context set up."

  • You save it as an Entry Listing archive.

  • Judging by this thread, I'm assuming there is no single-entry comments feed provided out of the box by Movable Type? I read a few blogs using Movable Type that I'd like to subscribe to entry comments, but I don't know the bloggers well enough to ask that they modify their code for my convenience. On WordPress blogs I can just add "/feed" to the end of the post URL, because WP includes comment feeds without any modification. Is there no equivalent on Moveable Type?

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