Error: 'http://www.****.com/mt-static/' could not be found

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I’m trying to install MT on my server, and I’m starting to lose my marbles.

I’ve uploaded all the files, changed perms, double checked I’ve got the correct paths - but I keep getting the following error when I open the wizard -

[i]Error: ‘http://www.**.com/mt-static/’ could not be found. Please move your static files to the directory first or correct the setting if it is incorrect. [/i]

I’ve contacted my hosts and they are guessing this is the reason:

[i]Our server blocks HTTP connections back to itself. In other words, a script running on the web server can’t make a HTTP connection to another script on that server. This is done for performance reasons - misconfigured scripts can easily enter “infinite” loops. I have a feeling that this script is trying to make a HTTP connection to itself to verify the URL[/i]

I found these threads:

But neither of them resolves my issue. So any advice would be HUGELY appreciated.

Cheers, Liam

Reported on Movable Type 4.2

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  • If what your host says is true--which seems a bit odd and the mt-static check isn't connecting to a script anyway--then problem is the server, not the software, and your only option would seem to be creating the config file manually.

    Just open mt-config.cgi-original in a text editor and fill in the requested bits; it's the same stuff as the wizard, really, just without a pretty face on it. Save back out as mt-config.cgi (ie. remove the "-original") and upload to the MT directory. Then, when you access mt.cgi again, you'll go straight to the database setup rather than being asked for the information.

    Out of curiosity, who's the host?

  • Hi Su. Thanks for the tip - I've tried this. and I thought it was going to work - but it seems that MT cannot initialize the database. It just sits on this page

    Initializing database...
    Starting installation...


    Any suggestions?

    Cheers, Liam

  • I'm have both of the same problems so if you figure it out please let me know and I will do the same.

    pulling my hair out too

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