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Creating an Entry in a Multiblog site

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As mentioned previously, I’m building a multiblog site for a community. I’m using the community blog template set from MTPro 4.23.

The front page will be a blog with no entries - it will just show the most recent entries from all the other blogs. Each registered user will have their own blog. Each user will only have permission to create entries on their own blog.

When a user visits the site, they will usually go to the front page. They’ll log in using the login links in the top right corner.

Having logged in, they might want to create an entry. They’ll probably use the ‘create entry’ link that appears on the top left of the front page when they’re logged in.

Problem 1 is that the create entry page that appears at the point is different to the one that appears if you’re in the backend admin pages. This page doesn’t allow you to set tags, keywords or categories (for example). It would be good if the ‘create entry’ link too you directly to a fully-featured entry creation page.

Problem 2 is that when you create an entry using this form, you get a ‘permission denied’ error. I assume that this is because it’s trying to create an entry in the wrong blog - the front page blog and not the user’s own blog.

So, is there any way to configure it so that the default ‘create entry’ action is to create an entry on the user’s own blog rather than the main blog?

Has anyone built a site like this with MTPro before?



Reported on Movable Type 4.2

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  • Dave, I've built a large multiblog site in 4.1 Pro -- aggregating a coupla dozen blogs -- and am working now on a dev server to upgrade it to 4.23. I'm facing the same problem you are with the "Create Entry" link on the multiblog going nowhere. (Although we don't offer it as a front page.)

    My inclination would be to take that link off the multiblog, since many authors have access to several blogs, and would really need the dropdown that lets them choose one, with an option to go into the full dashboard if their permissions allow. (I would like to make that permission-based, since I can't train the hundreds of people who'll be able to make basic posts.)

    I'd rather enforce, "Go to the blog you want to post in and log in there."

    On individual blogs, I'd like a tags field to work there -- SEO really thrives on tags. I could add the field one to the "Create Entry" template along with the title and body, but it didn't show any tags in the dashboard view of the test post. I don't want to be adding tags from the dashboard to each post later. That won't scale.

    While your post was showing on the front page in need of an answer I didn't want to reply, but I see nobody answered, so I'm adding my voice to your requests.

  • Thanks for you reply. I have to admit that I'm slightly disappointed. I thought that MT Pro would do all the things that I needed and now it looks like it doesn't (at least not without putting in far more effort than I have time for).

    So I'm not really sure where I'm going to go from here.



  • What blog_id does the entry editor have in the url when you are getting the permission denied? Also, you might want to see if this can help you debug that error: http://www.movabletype.org/documentation/developer/plugins/debug-mode.html

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